6 Good Reasons to Hire a Great Mortgage Broker in Ajax

If you’ve been thinking of investing in a house, a good first step is to scout around for the most economical mortgages. Look for deals where you can pay a low rate of interest and get favorable terms and conditions. Getting in touch with an expert broker helps because a professional can give you updated information about the real estate market. You’ll talk about the specific needs and concerns you have and learn about the best sources of finance, including banks and lenders.

When choosing the broker that you wish to work with, go for a brokerage firm accredited by the Mortgage Professionals Canada. This national industry association outlines ethical and professional standards with which its members must remain compliant. Brokers, mortgage consumers, and regulators can receive information and work according to updated industry standards and codes of conduct.

Working with an expert broker like Dunlop Mortgage has more advantages than one:

  1. Access to a wider platform of lenders, mortgage loan products, and interest rates
  2. Ability to compare rates of interest and best offers without multiple lenders checking your credit report. Do keep in mind that each time a lender conducts a hard inquiry into your credit rating, you could lose up to 5 points.
  3. Ability to tap into the vast database of knowledge that brokers have that you may not get from a single source
  4. Ability to meet with the broker outside of regular banking hours. Brokers typically work more extended hours and are open to meeting with you at more convenient times.
  5. Ability to avail of the volume discounts that brokers can get from mortgage loan providers. You can have them negotiate for more economical interest rates.
  6. No-cost service since loan providers pay brokers their fee.