Mortgage Brokers and Agents in Barrie

A mortgage broker is a finance professional who helps you apply for loans with different lenders and negotiates loan terms on your behalf.

You’ll struggle to get the best mortgage rates in Barrie without the help of an experienced mortgage broker or agent. Rather than work through a maze of mortgage offerings, you can save a lot of time by reaching out to a local broker who will meet in person and help guide your decision.

Benefits of Working with A Mortgage Broker

Some of the advantages you’ll receive by working with a mortgage broker include:

  • Access to mortgage products and lenders that you otherwise wouldn’t have.
  • Someone who will negotiate mortgage rates and conditions on your behalf and produce volume discounts.
  • Avoid having your credit pulled multiple times by every lender you go to. A mortgage broker can pull your credit once and use it to approach multiple lenders.
  • Greater access and flexibility for in-person consultation than you’d have working with a bank or large financial institution.
  • A valuable service at no cost to you since mortgage brokers’ fees are covered by the lender who provides your mortgage.

Mortgage Professionals Canada

Mortgage Professionals Canada is a non-profit, national mortgage industry association representing over 1,000 companies, including mortgage brokerages, lenders, insurers and industry service providers. Mortgage Professionals Canada is the largest and most respected network of mortgage professionals in the country. Their members are dedicated to the highest standards of industry ethics and consumer protection policies. By becoming a member of the organization, mortgage brokers agree to the ethical and professional standards of the organization.