Mortgage Brokers and Agents in Orillia

If you need to go to court, you would want a lawyer to help represent you, since you likely do not have the experience yourself. You would use a mortgage broker for similar reasons, they have the experience and the industry knowledge you need, and at a price, you really cannot beat.

In order to secure the best rates possible, you should reach out to a mortgage broker or agent in Orillia, like Dunlop Mortgages. Using a broker from your general area lets you meet in-person, which can be an invaluable way to decide if you are comfortable doing business with someone. Meeting someone to discuss your needs over a cup of coffee, for example, can be vital to explaining your needs and wants, and to ask any questions you may have at the time.

Advantages Of Using A Broker

There are numerous advantages to using a local mortgage broker, including:

  • Access to a wider variety of options for lenders, products, and potential rates
  • The possibility to compare terms and rates for multiple lenders side by side, without multiple hard credit pulls, which can save money and credit score deductions
  • A broker can advocate and negotiate on your behalf and possibly get you better terms and prices
  • Increased flexibility when scheduling in-person meetings, because brokers generally have hours that reach beyond normal business hours
  • Utilizing your broker as a valuable source of knowledge about the mortgage industry
  • No out of pocket expense, because mortgage brokers are paid by the lender that eventually provides you the mortgage

Canadian Mortgage Professionals

Mortgage Professionals Canada is a national non-profit mortgage industry association that represents more than 11,000 individuals and hundreds of companies that include brokerages, lenders, and professionals from all areas of the mortgage industry. Being a member of the Canadian Mortgage Professionals means maintaining a high standard of ethics, best practices, and consumer protection while fueling the economy and providing Canadians with important choices in one of the most challenging financial decisions in their entire lives.