Dunlop Mortgage Whitby Brokers and Agents

If you want the best mortgage rate available in Whitby, contact Dunlop Mortgages. We’re a local mortgage broker with the experience and trained professionals that can help you access the best rates offered banks and lenders Canada-wide.

Mortgage Broker Advantages

Some of the advantages you get to enjoy when working with us are:

  • Access to the best rates, products, and lenders available
  • Much simpler rate comparisons: when you go through us, your credit report won’t be pulled time and time again
  • As a mortgage broker in Whitby, we have the power to negotiate on your behalf to get you the best rate and give you discounts you wouldn’t otherwise have access to
  • Our extended hours give you more flexibility as compared to regular banking hours: this means you can actually meet with us face-to-face at a time that is convenient for YOU
  • We’re not limited to a single lender, so you have access to a wealth of industry knowledge and dozens of products
  • Our service is completely free since our paycheck comes from the lender you choose for your mortgage 

Mortgage Professionals Canada

Mortgage Professionals Canada, formerly known as CAAMP, is a Canada-wide industry association which performs a number of duties that provide ethical and professional standards for its national members. They are responsible for providing information and education to mortgage consumers, regulators, and brokers to maintain industry standards and optimal conduct across Canada.

Since Dunlop Mortgages Whitby is a member of this organization, we have agreed to, and continue to maintain, professional and ethical standards as outlined by MPC.