What is a Debt Consolidation Program?

A debt consolidation program is where you combine two or more debts into one debt, often at lower rates. Depending on how you accomplish this, you often end up with one or two larger main debts, but they are generally at lower interest rates and more favourable terms than previously.

A Simple Debt Management Program

The object of debt consolidation is to take multiple unsecured debts, like credit cards, payday loans, title loans, and other unsecured loans and lines of credit. Debt consolidation is generally uncomplicated and straightforward, with benefits that include:

  • A single, lower monthly payment that is smaller than the previous individual payments
  • Options exist for zero interest, and drastically reduced interests
  • Stop frustrating and harassing collection calls
  • Obtain a secured credit card while using the debt consolidation program
  • Access to an unsecured credit card once you have completed your consolidation
  • Easy payments by either phone, debit card, or money order
  • Automatic payments to all creditors, on time, with tracking

How To Set Up A Successful Debt Management Program

Not only will your program be fully tailored to you, but beginning a debt consolidation program through Dunlop Mortgage will also include having access to professional expertise like no other. The team at Dunlop will help you build strong money management techniques and improve your overall skills with your personal finances. You can learn:

  1. How to build an effective and efficient budget and tips on sticking to it
  2. How to track and control overall spending
  3. Setting achievable goals for your finances
  4. How to let your money work for you through smart investment and management

Advantages Of A Debt Consolidation Program

Reaching out to Dunlop Mortgage today about consolidating your debt can give you real and tangible benefits like:

  • Avoiding having to file for bankruptcy or submitting to insolvency, and safeguard your financial future
  • One monthly payment, with program management by a licensed and experienced professional
  • Stopped or reduced interest on your debt, saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the life of your debt
  • A lower payment that you can afford, with most debts being paid off in 2-4 years