Debt settlement & Credit Repair Services

Manage all of your debts.

Through our associates, we offer comprehensive services to complement your mortgage needs. Often our clients in a situation where they have numerous collections, garnishment and carry a debt load that may exceed the equity they have in their is an example..

John and Tasha were approved for a 2nd mortgage of $29,000. however they had combined credit card debts and collections of $53,000. struggling to make minimum payments of 41540/month. We were successfully able to negotiate with all their creditors and reduce that to $22,000. This allowed them to
  • close the 2nd mortgage
  • pay off all creditors
  • reduce their monthly payment down to $290 from $1540
  • once all creditors were paid off we coached them in how to rebuild their credit
  • 12 months later, they have re established their credit and refinanced their mortgages into a low rate mortgage.
We do not advocate bankruptcy or consumer proposal. that is the very last solution.We offer instead creative way to pay off debt and rebuild your credit.
Our services include
  • Debt settlement
  • Debt reduction negotiation with creditors
  • credit repair