If you are a home owner and your mortgage is partially or fully paid off, you can use the equity you have built up to qualify for low rate refinance or second mortgage, doing so can save you thousands!

There are 2 ways you could borrow…

2nd Mortgage

2nd Mortgage BENEFITS 2nd Mortgage EXAMPLES
Unlock funds without paying out 1st Debt consolidation & credit repair
Improve / Repair your credit Working capital for small businesses
Pay off tax & mortgage arrears Cash out for buying a rental property
Improve your monthly cash flow Equity take out when locked into 1st
Borrow fund on a short-term basis Access funds quickly when in distress


In some cases we are able to offer our 2nd mortgages as secured line of credit.

  • farms, cottages, and commercial properties also funded on a case by case basis.
  • Self-Employed (non provable income), Bad Credit, Power of sale, past bankruptcy or in consumer proposal acceptable.
  • Fast, Efficient, Convenient, & Full disclosure upfront.

General Lending Guidelines for Bad Credit Applicants

  • 2nd mortgages generally available up to 85% maximum in URBAN city centres
  • 2nd mortgages generally available up to 80%% for semi-urban or small townships
  • 2nd mortgages generally available up to 75% for very rural / remote locations


Some advantages of Refinance are:

  • Reduce you mortgage payments
  • Get extra cash for renovations, investments
  • Lower interest costs a save money over the long term
  • Pay off credit cards and boost your credit score

Below is an example of debt refinanced at today’s 3.69% for 35 year amortization.

Loan Amount Minimum Payment CENTUM Payment Savings per month
$20,000 $600 $85.12 $514.88
$30,000 $900 $127.69 $772.31
$40,000 $1,200 $170.25 $1,029.75
$50,000 $1,500 $212.81 $1,287.19


If you’d like  to have a conversation about eliminating your debt… contact us today.